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Introduction: The Second Amendment is a law in which was formulated to give United States citizens the right to firearms. More gun control laws have been set in place as a deterrent for criminals to purchase firearms. Even with the gun control laws and the Second Amendment, the lack of the enforcement of these laws has caused more violence and they have not reduced the number of criminals with guns. Without proper implementation of these laws, our future generations will not be exposed to the seriousness of controlling the use of firearms. Conclusion: The gun control issues have been identified by our previous presidents and our
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Unformatted text preview: recent president, the next step in preventing gun crimes is to create a better management plan over the use of firearms. These management plans will give our future generations hope and knowledge to overcome the gun control issues. President Clinton proved the success of implementing the laws by the decrease of these laws while he was in the United States office. The successful enforcement of our current laws would be a major stride towards decreasing the amount of crimes committed with guns and the amount of criminals with gun possession....
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