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3. Discussion Question 2 i Due Date: Day 4 [ Main ] forum . Post your response to this question: Consider the choices of Native Americans who decide to stay on their tribe's native land (reservation) and those who choose to relocate to a city. If you were presented with this decision, which would you choose and why? I would probably choose to relocate to a city. The reason I would rather relocate to a city would be to live in a new environment that offers opportunities like a good education, good income, and quality housing. I also understand that living in the reservation is important because of the culture and traditions.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe I have more opportunities and a chance to grow and improve my life if I relocate to the city. I can still visit the reservation and stay in touch with my culture and tradition every year. If I had a family, I would definitely move to the city. I would want to give my children opportunities that I never had as a child. They would have a better quality of life and more of a chance to be successful in life in the city....
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