Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic American Diversity - H ispanic American Diversity...

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Hispanic American Diversity 1 Hispanic American Diversity Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Hispanic American Diversity 2 Hispanic American Diversity The United States has always been a country that has many diverse racial and ethnic groups. The United States has the highest and fastest growing minority group, the Hispanics. The population of Hispanics continues to grow every year and they have become a big part of the United States. I believe Hispanics play a major role in the United States and they have a lot to offer. The Hispanic population helps to support the economy and the work force. Hispanic groups have always played an important part in the growth of the United States. The first Hispanic group that I will be talking about is the Puerto Rican group. The Jones Act of 1917 made Puerto Ricans living in the island of Puerto Rico and the mainland American citizens. Puerto Ricans are a Spanish speaking group that maintains a close relationship with their ethnicity. Puerto Ricans consider themselves to be Americans, but they are still proud of their culture and where they come from. Puerto Ricans are very nice people and they always make one feel at home. Puerto Ricans usually greet people with a hug and kiss on the cheeks (Schaefer, 2006). Family life and the amount of time they spend with their family are very important to the Puerto Rican society as well as other Hispanic groups. Puerto Ricans usually call themselves Boricuas. Puerto Ricans usually live close to family members and attend activities such as going to church, which is a very important part of their culture. Education is another thing that is very important for Puerto Ricans. However compared to the White American they still fall short and that is mainly because
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Hispanic American Diversity - H ispanic American Diversity...

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