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Unformatted text preview: Health Communication Technologies Appendix C Electronic Medical Records, or E M Rs, are electronic-based medical records. EMRs are r eplacing paper medical records. EMRs are accurate and a positive way for health care personnel to communicate w ith each other without having to worry about others hand w r it ing. EMR’s follow patients and allows doctors to make better diagnoses. Telemedicine makes i t possible for caregivers to t reat patients who are at home or at an a lternate facility. This type of care is especially convenient in areas that are not very populated in the U.S. and in other countr ies. Telemedicine allows people to keep their caregivers even after they move. V ideophone is a machine that has blood pressure cuffs, monitor, scale, and a pulse oximeter machine for wellness checks. These are initiated by telephone and when both parties are on the phone the camera comes on. There is also an internet-based machine that can conduct a patient visit; with this machine there is no other person involved but this m achine often finds impending cardiac events and gets the patient to the hospital in t ime. Broadband is a new pilot federal program that includes delivery of health care i nformation to providers. This program will bring benefits of advanced tele-health and t elemedicine services to under populated areas of the U.S. The use of these technologies can r educe medical cost facilitate the t ransmission of medical information among doctors and health care facilities. T hese new advanced technologies in the medical field will change health care as they become more widespread because look at technology advances in other areas of life, (phones, microwaves, cars, electricity, and computers). Also, t echnology enables us to deliver services cheaper faster and better. We would be able to save a lot more lives if more people could afford to go to the doctor. ...
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