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Barriers in Diversity - is important not to place judgment...

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Nationality- Well of course there is the language barrier but on top of that there are also cultural differences. For example a male health care worker attempting to give a gynecological exam to an Islamic woman may be met with opposition. Lifestyle- Well this happens often with gay/lesbian/transsexual patients. Judgments of a patients lifestyle can and often jeopardizes their treatment. It is our place to heal not to judge. It is crucial to never express judgment of a patient's lifestyle and it should most certainly never interfere with their standard of care. Prejudice has NO place in a healing environment. Health- A patient who has smoked 3 packs a day for 20 years is diagnosed with lung cancer. Many would see this as something he deserves or brought up himself, however it
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Unformatted text preview: is important not to place judgment or blame on the patient or sacrifice his treatment. However at the sometime you must express their need to improve their health and make healthier life decisions. • Educational status- This can be a double edged sword an under educated patient will be likely to be phobic and less compliant with health care providers due to his/her lack of understanding, so getting on their level is crucial to their treatment. However a medically savvy patient may think he/she knows best and become non compliant due to their vast understanding of what is wrong with them and the procedures that they are receiving....
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