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Checkpoint Barriers in Diversity

Checkpoint Barriers in Diversity - develop lung cancer at...

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Checkpoint: Barriers in Diversity Jennifer Wilcox Nationality- With nationality there is typically a barrier due to the difference in language spoken, with this come cultural difference. An example would be a male doctor performing a mammogram on an Islamic patient. This situation may be met with some type of opposition due to the gender differences and cultural background of the patient. Lifestyle- The lifestyle difference may occur with patients whom have a different sexual preference than the doctor. Any type of judgment towards a patient about their lifestyle may jeopardize their quality of treatment. As a doctor or a nurse, it is not our job to judge our patients; they are in the clinic to get treatment. Judgments of a patient may interfere with the quality of care given to a patient. Health- A patient who has smoked cigarettes for a long period of time may
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Unformatted text preview: develop lung cancer at some point in time. Some people would think this type of cancer was preventable due the cause being self inflicted, but it is very important to not blame the patient or this may sacrifice their quality of treatment. At the same time, it is our job to express the importance in improving the patient’s health and guide them in the right direction to make wiser health decisions. • Educational status- Educational status I believe is one of the toughest things to remember as a health care provider. Not all of our patients went to school for health care, which will cause a small barrier in our vocabulary verses the patients. Speaking to the patient in terms that he or she will understand is very important when delivering quality care....
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