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Compose a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Employees from the billing department are not receiving the accurate codes and information needed for data entry, slowing production and payment for the doctor. As head of the billing department, you have been delegated to lead a problem-solving team to resolve this issue. How will you choose the members of your team? How will you promote effective teamwork to solve this problem? To resolve this issue I would first choose my problem-solving team. The members of the team would include nurses and members of the administrative staff. The nurses and administrative staff are most likely the staff creating the issues because of small mistakes. If they became a part of the team then they could help with ideas to eliminate the mistakes. I would suggest these employees slow down and pay a little more attention to their work. I would promote effective teamwork by
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Unformatted text preview: allowing employees to express themselves and their ideas and by being supportive of the team’s ideas. I believe the employees which are part of the team would become more committed to their jobs because they would have some input as to the way some things ran. I would also suggest ideas and hear ideas on ways to possibly make the nurses and administrative staff’s jobs easier so they could have more time to pay attention to the smaller details like paper work. After the billing department’s problem was solved I would give the members of the team the opportunity to express their thoughts about the team and ask them if they would like to continue being a part of it. I would do this because it would continue to give the employees the feeling of importance and they would continue to be pleased with their work....
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