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Capstone Checkpoint \ Medical assistant- As a medical assistant I would approach the situation with a sincere apology. I would tell that man that I am really sorry that it is taking the doctor so long to get in to see you. There is no point in getting upset Mr. ____. If you calm down for me I will go and see what is keeping the doctor. Thank you I will be back in a minute. Hospital Administrator- I would ask the man to calm down and tell me what the problem is. The man would explain the situation and I would sympathies with him telling him I know you are scared but you are just getting yourself more upset then you should be and because you are screaming you are upsetting the other patients as well. I will go and find you another doctor if you like; but you have to calm down for me and stop screaming. Family member-
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Unformatted text preview: I am going to pretend this is my sister. I would tell her that it is going to be ok. The doctor is probably in with another patient right now screaming is not going to make the doctor come in here. I will go and find out where he/she is just calm down you do not need to be this upset. The I would go to the closest nurses station and ask them where my sister's doctor was. I would tell the nurse that my sister is very upset and someone needs to come in and talk to us and let us know what is going on. Then I would go back to my sisters room and wait for someone for five minutes then I would go back to the nurses station and I would tell the nurse that I would like to talk with the administrator. Then I would tell my sister that someone was on their way and it is fine so calm down and do not worry....
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