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Week 4 DQ 1 If I were a caregiver I would make sure that my environment was relaxed and friendly, to make sure my patients were comfortable and at ease, so they would be more likely to communicate with me. I would give my patients time to address their concerns, while I listened to them. If my patients got off of course with their conversation I would politely point it back in the direction that it needed to go. I would spend the same amount of time with each patient unless I felt it neccessary to spend a little more time with someone due to a more serious condition. I would do my best to make the best out of the time spent with each patient. I would diagnose my patients in a timely manner and do my very best to make sure my diagnoses was right the first time. I would treat my patients like my equals and try not to make them feel inferior to me. I would use laymen's terms when speaking with a patient that has no history of working in the medical field, so I wouldn't offend anyone. Week 4 DQ 2
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