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HCA 230 Week 6 DQ's - Week 6 DQ 2 I do not think that is...

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Week 6 DQ 1 The group I choose is support groups, because there all many different types of support groups available for many different illnesses and disorders. An example of a support group is Alcohol Anonymous (AA). AA is a group designed for people whom are addicted to alcohol. Everyone is welcome at their meetings and they are able to get the help and support they need, in an anonymous setting. There are certain topics many people are scared to discuss, even with their close friends and family, support groups offer support to anyone who has the desire for help. They are successful because everyone in an AA meeting is there for the same reason, so everyone understands and there is no judgment. AA is just one example of a support group; there are groups for all types of illnesses, disorders and addictions such as alcohol, narcotics, or even shopping. Support groups are a wonderful way to meet people who are going through similar situations who will talk or listen with anonymity.
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Unformatted text preview: Week 6 DQ 2 I do not think that is possible to give someone too much support, I do however believe that what some people see as support others may see as smothering, overwhelming, or pity. I think it is important to not over-step your boundaries when trying to be there for someone. You should be there to help the ill person do things that he or she cannot do, not take over and pretend they cannot do anything. It is very important for an ill person to feel like they are needed and they do make a difference. How would someone feel if another person stepped into their home and started doing everything for them? They wouldn't feel important. If the person is so ill that they cannot get out of bed then don't make them try to do things but if the person wants to go to the store or do the dishes or just have a day of peace without anyone around, let them, that is what you are there for. Make sure you listen to the person and actually hear what they are saying to you....
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