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Patient Compliance - 3 If the dentist would have listened...

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Scenario 1 1. The patients mother throws away the prescription when they get home and calls another doctor. The patient then has to wait a month to get the care that she needs. 2. The doctor takes a phone call when the patients mother is trying to ask him questions about the medication he has just prescribed. The doctor doesn't pay the mothers questions any attention. 3. If the doctor would not have taken the call and addressed the mothers concerns then the mother would have given her daughter the prescription. Scenario 2 1. The dentist told Eden to use the water pick that he had already suggested. When Eden left the office she knew she wasn't going to use it. 2. The dentist doesn't let Eden talk, he interrupts her and continues to scold her.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. If the dentist would have listened to Eden he would have realized that getting her teeth whitened was very important to her. If he would have whitened them for her and suggested to her to use her water pick instead of scolding her and insisting that she use it, she might have left the office thinking I should start using that water pick. Scenario 3 1. Nathan is not willing to give up his steak night and throws the diet sheet in the back of the car on his way home. 2. The doctor doesn't give Nathan a chance to talk. 3. If Nathan would have told the doctor about steak night and discussed his concerns with the doctor then maybe the doctor could have found an alternative to the diet....
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