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Socialization of Caregivers - Socialization Socialization...

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Socialization 1 Socialization University of Phoenix Axia College
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Socialization 2 Individuals who care for others in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers must have the necessary skills to place their patients at ease and make them feel comfortable and confident in their surroundings. People who enter these types of facilities are apprehensive, scared and unfamiliar with complicated terms and procedures and therefore, caregivers must be able to assure them that they are not alone and will be treated with the utmost care and compassion. It is a sad fact, that many caregivers simply do not possess the skills required to empathize with their patients. Empathy does not necessarily mean that a caregiver must have experienced a particular situation in order to understand how an individual is feeling; many times, empathy simply relates to the ability to place oneself in a particular situation and draw upon those feelings in order to convey a caring attitude. One of the main subjects taught in nursing programs, both presently and since the inception of the field, is the importance of compassion and understanding. A nurse’s ability to comfort and calm his/her patients is vital throughout the entire care-giving process. This process must begin with gaining trust through
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