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Teamwork - things ran I would also ask the nurses and...

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I would choose nurses and members of the administrative staff to be team members because it is very possible that they are the root of thr problem, getting so busy and making simple mistakes. It is a possibility that being part of the team that was created to fix these mistakes would make these employees slow down and pay a little more attention to their work. I would promote effective teamwork by allowing employees to express themselves and by supporting everyone's ideas. The employees chosen to be part of the team would be more committed to their jobs because they would have some input as to the way some
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Unformatted text preview: things ran. I would also ask the nurses and administrative staff involved with the team to try and think of ways to make their jobs easier so they could have more time to pay attention to the smaller details like paper work. After the billing departments problem was solved I would give the members of the team the oppertunity to express their feelings about the team and ask them if they would like to still be a part of it. I would do this because it would continue to give the employees the feeling of importance and they would continue to be pleased with their work....
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