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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT - problems By the law being what it is...

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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT; SHOULD IT BE ABOLISHED? Should it be abolished? Or shouldn’t it? The world is inconclusive on the issue. There have been several discussions on this particular subject. Personally my input on the situation is what would it really solve ? Another reason or should I say question is, ”Who is to judge someone for what they have done or what a person does? Thirdly, isn’t life incarceration enough? Although, for your understanding as well as mine , I will agree to disagree! It would not only solve nothing, but it just be another life taken. I can certainly see why it would be a resolution to the victim’s family. Just as well as that person took that life, another person can surely do the same. I can understand the fulfillment in this situation. No one has the right to pass judgment on someone else’s life. People have their own
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Unformatted text preview: problems. By the law being what it is, and have judges to make rules we have to abide by. To take someone’s life can only be taken by or should be taken by God himself. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Who really is da judge? When judgment is passed, and life incarceration without parole is always a good thing. The rest of your life behind bars! Think about it. When your freedom is taken away that’s pretty much enough to do to a person. Away from family and loved ones! Living with that guilt for the rest of your life! What person could have any joy out of having nothing? That’s satisfaction enough for me, but hey that’s just my input. Capital Punishment; Should it be abolished? The world is yet to decide. Life incarceration, judgment, resolution are only a couple of reason’s I had on my conscience that I wanted to share with you all....
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