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DAY CARE: BENEFICIAL OR DETRIMENTAL? Read a pair of articles - the empirical study and its critique: a. NICHD Early Child Care Research Network (2003). Does amount of time spent in child care predict socioemotional adjustment during the transition to kindergarten? Child Development, 74 , 976-1005. Critique: Love, JM et al. (2003). Child care quality matters: how conclusions may vary with context. Child Development, 74 , 1021-1033. OR b. Watamura SE, DonzellaB, Alwin J & Gunnar MR (2003). Morning-to-afternoon increases in cortisol concentrations for infant and toddlers at child care: age differences and behavioral correlates.
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Unformatted text preview: Child Development, 74 , 1006-1020. Critique: Granger DA & Kivlighan KT (2003). Integrating biological, behavioral, and social levels of analysis in early child development: progress, problems, and prospects. Child Development, 74 , 1058-1063. Analyze the empirical article into the following headings: 1. Main Dependent Measures 2. Main Independent Variables 3. Results: 4. What are the implications for the effect of day care on social development? 5. What notes of caution are raised by the critique authors? 6. How would you advise a parent who wonders whether to put their child in day care or not?...
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