Sins of the Child Visited Upon Parents

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Sins of the Child Visited Upon Parents Who is responsible or accountable for the child’s actions? The child is accountable for the crimes, but the parents are responsible since the child is by law, underage. When are children old enough to decide for themselves? 1. the school they attend: high school 2. their friends: grade school 3. their clothes: middle school 4. bedtime: high school 5. what they eat: high school 6. what they spend money on: middle school 7. when they watch TV and the shows they watch: middle/high school What criteria should be used to make these decisions?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. the child’s happiness: no, but depends on context (perhaps for spending money, clothes, and friends) 2. character development: yes 3. skill development: yes 4. conforming to norms: no 5. parent lifestyle: somewhat, in regards to living a healthy and more active lifestyle then judging what a child eats and how much TV they watch can be influenced. If these conflict, what criteria should be given priority? Criteria that should be given priority is character and skill development over everything else....
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