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PSYC 414 Paper - Library. The remaining 7 articles are to...

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** Critically review 10 recent empirical research articles on one of the social development topics listed below. Organize your review, using headings, in terms of the conceptual issues addressed by the research, making sure to point out the contribution of each study to the present state of knowledge on that issue. Write no more than 10 pages plus references. Detailed instructions for the paper follow. Three articles are provided for each topic and are on reserve in the Redpath
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Unformatted text preview: Library. The remaining 7 articles are to be found by you; you will find articles through the electronic databases and at the end of current articles. Submit with your paper a copy of the title page, journal details, and abstract, of all 10 articles used. Topic: What is the effect of marital conflict on a child's social development? (NOT divorce) Types of marital conflict:-Power struggle-Violence-Etc. Conclusion:...
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