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GE2341 -2011_Quiz 1 with answers

GE2341 -2011_Quiz 1 with answers - WPI GE2341 Geology(A...

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1 WPI GE2341: Geology (A term-2011) Quiz 1 ( L ectures 1 & 2: Introduction and plate tectonics) 11:35 to 11:50 am (open textbook & notes) Name: ____________________ 1. The first line of evidence used to promote continental drift was that… A. paleomagnetic fields are not consistent with the modern day magnetic field B. the magnetic field underwent numerous reversals throughout Earth’s history C. the continents seems to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle D. lines of islands on moving plates formed above hotspots E. scientists could tell that the continents are still moving today 2. Africa and South America both contains fossils of a type of freshwater reptile called: A. Cynognathus B. Glossopteris C. Tyrannosaurus D. Mesosaurus E. Kattenhornus 3. Which of the following statements about paleomagnetism at spreading ridges is TRUE ?
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