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Unformatted text preview: Ge2341: Physical Geology 2011, A Term Worcester Polytechnic Institute Homework 3 solution September 12, 2011 Answer Key 10 points total Question one, worth 3 pts 1. Define specific gravity, how does this property relate to density? a. Specific Gravity is a measure of density of a mineral, which is unitless and defined as the ratio of density of material / Density of water. Density of water is usually = 1gr/cm^3 . Specific gravity can be found by immersing the object in water, L=density of Liquid water, D=dry material, SG = D/((D‐W)*L) 2. Question Two, worth 1 pt each = 7pts total a. List specific gravities of: below, and the location is concentrated Mineral Group Mineral Name Specific Gravity Location Quartz Quartz 2.65 Continental crust Olivine Forsterite 3.2 Mantle and/or Oceanic crust Fayalite 4.3 Mantle and/or Oceanic crust Pyroxene Augite 3.2‐3.6 Mantle & Oceanic crust Plagioclase Albite 2.61 Continental crust Anorthite 2.76 Mantle/Oceanic crust Alkali Feldspar Microcline 2.5 Continental crust 3. 5 pts (grading is subjective). (for questions 3, 4, and 5, please give students’ full credits as long as their answers make some sense). 4. 5 pts (grading is subjective). 5. 5 pts (grading is subjective). ...
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