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GE2341-Sample questions - GE2341: Physical Geology (Sample...

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GE2341: Physical Geology (Sample questions) Open textbook and notes Answer all the multiple choice / true-false questions on the attached sheet The correct answers are shown in red. 1) Transform faults are plate boundaries that a. generate earthquakes b. neither create nor destroy crust c. involve largely horizontal rather than vertical movement d. link other types of plate boundary e. all of the above 2) A mineral of pure silica is a. olivine b. calcite c. quartz d. feldspar e. hematite 3) According to plate tectonics, the distance between New York and Paris, measured across the Atlantic Ocean a. is increasing b. is decreasing c. is not changing d. plate tectonics makes no predictions about this 4) In moving away from a divergent mid-ocean ridge towards the edges of the ocean, the oceanic crust a. stays the same age b. gets younger c. gets older d. it’s impossible to say
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5) Which of these is not evidence in support of the theory of plate tectonics? a.
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GE2341-Sample questions - GE2341: Physical Geology (Sample...

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