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Unformatted text preview: 22)'<Which-of the following 15/3 :1 , osl susteptibl‘e to chemical weathering by mum 22) E A) iron oxides a“ ‘te C) clay minerals B) quartz 23) Which low-grade metamorphic rock, composed of extremely fine-sized mica and other mineral 23) b grains, typically exhibiawa elopedmdc cleavage? ' A) hm‘nfels . ale C) schist D) quartzite 24) Which region has the greatest concentratim of currently active volcanoes? 24') 4% A) the area surrounding the Red Sea B) European Russia and Siberia C) the coastal plain of western Africa D) the dream—Pacific area 25) The recent (geologically) volcanic activity in Yéllowstone Nationall’ark is . 25) z a A) related to intraplate, hot spot volcanism B) related to a transfom plate boundary . C) related to a divergent'plate boundary D) related to plate. subduction 26) In which setting would regional metamorphism be most likely? @) , gg D A) at shallow depths below an oceanic ridge or rift zone B) at shallow depths along major translonn faults 'mtlie continmml crust C) at shallow depths hemath the seafloor where water pressures are immense v? D) at great depths in the crust’where‘two mathmls_are colliding 27) Which of the following lorms at the highwt grade of regional Mmrph'sm? 2'7) S A) slate B) homfcls C) schist « D) phyllilc 28) What platy, parallel. mineral grains are the most visual aspect of foliated metamorphic rods? 28) C A) carbonates B) quartz C) mica D) feldspais 29) De al grains of which mineralei) are extremely rare indetrital sediments? Why? 29) l a I cite; it is soft and relatively soluble B) feldspars; they occur my in granites " quartz; it is very hard and insoluble P1 days; they are rare in soilsafid regolifh 30) .0 is amyhfoliated rock formed by contact metamorphism of a shale or mudstone. 30) 2 Z A) llornfels 3) Marble C) Gneis‘ D) Schisl 31) __‘____ forms from the metamorphism of limestone or dolostone. ‘33 ix B A) Amphibolile 5'8) Marble C) Migmatite D) Quartzile 32) _, is characterized by lhc segregation of light- and darbmlored minerals-into thin layers or 32) g i bands. A) Slate B) Garnet hornfcls C) 'Quarlm'te D) Grarii tic gneiss 33) What two, melamorphic rocks are composed predominantly of single minerals? 33) b A) fault brutcia arid graphitic schist B) marble and quartzi to C) garnet schist and hamlets D) miu‘l schist and granilic gneiss 34) Which one of the following is not a chemical sedimentary rock or cvaporite? 34) g i A) cherty dolnsione B) oolitic limestone C) bedded gypsum D) shale (A , .,.. i.-~wmi—_-___.-_ w... i ...
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