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Page 4_test2 - 35 Detrital sedimentary racism W{m'mamm 359...

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Unformatted text preview: 35) Detrital sedimentary racism W {m'mamm _. . 359 » B A)degreeofcnmpucfimafidlifl\ificafion Emmofhéetfitalpamdes C) mpasifians‘of sohxble minerals D) colors ofrthe mnentiz‘ifgmimrak SHORT ANSWER. Write the we!!! or plum thatbest commercial m arms flith 36) Carefully “examine the mm below at; sibductien zone, and note meaneslabeled 36) aamc At which location (A, 8.701" C) would a metamorphic regime nectar that is characterized by .hégh vtemver’sturewmsh pm a)- __B_ At whidr location (am-B, mC) would a metamorphic regime occur that is :11ch by high temperature and low pressure? 1)) Sh m WNCH location (A. B, or C) would lawmmphtcrregime new: main; mxmby law temperature andhighpresmre? c) A i What 10¢an (A. BIN C). wouldbhmsctm fowl-d) __A__ __ Examine the words and/or phrasesfioregda giestim below-and determine Emulationship amngihe migrity at words/phrases; Grouse the-option Whidl does not fit the-pattern. ; 37) 'A)‘ phyllite B) quartzite Qsiate D) schiSt 37) L. 38) A)granicc layman Quinn-tie 0mm 68). i... 39) Allimcs'tonc warm C) W Di) {mm ‘39) _B_____ 40) A) oxidatiun mammal ‘C) hydrolysis D) sheeting 40) ._D__..___ w M C... _.‘..___._..__..—————Pu«_.._._._a._.a,_,__ ‘ ‘__.,...y.m m...“ ”hwy“ A “Cup—WWWWUU‘ . . U .u . . .,.. ...
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