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Complex info speech - Jacob Jessen Persuasive Speech Why...

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Jacob Jessen Persuasive Speech Why You Should Lift Weights General purpose : To motivate to action Specific purpose : To motivate my audience to lift weights. Thesis Statement : Lifting weights provides many benefits to individuals that will allow them to live longer and healthier lives. Introduction I. Attention Getter : Have you ever wondered about the processes that allow a muscle to grow as someone lifts weights or performs other physical activities? I know most people who lift weights don’t truly understand the concept of muscle hypertrophy and just expect results. II. Relating to the Audience: Many people, especially guys, will go to the gym to lift weights in an effort to get bigger muscles. However, a majority of these individuals expect fast results and will usually give up after unsatisfactory results. However, by understanding muscle hypertrophy it allows an individual to train wisely in a way that will directly result in muscle growth. III. Thesis statement : Muscle hypertrophy is a term used to describe muscle growth that occurs from a process that increases the size of muscle cells. IV. Credibility Statement : I’ve been interested in the area of fitness for most of my life and am very familiar with muscle growth from reading many articles relating to the study of muscles. V. Preview : Today I am going discuss with you the components of a muscle and the process of muscle hypertrophy. Body ( Transition : First we must understand the different types of muscles in the body and the components of those muscles.) I. The first important aspect of muscle hypertrophy is gaining a solid understanding of the muscles in the body. A. The body is composed of three types of muscles.
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Complex info speech - Jacob Jessen Persuasive Speech Why...

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