Group Speech - 1 Body (Transition: First we will discuss...

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Body (Transition: First we will discuss our plans of improving the pre-medical program at Purdue.) I. By improving the pre-med program we hope to better prepare students for medical school and their future career as doctors. A. We feel that the current program is not up to par. . 1. Other top pre-med programs such as Harvard and University of Pennsylvania require a larger variety of subjects and higher level courses. 2. Most of Purdue’s professors in largely pre-med courses lack medical knowledge and experience. 3. Much of the equipment used in science classes is out-of-date and/or damaged. 4. Requiring volunteer hours and/or internships makes students more well- rounded and helps them gain hands on experience. B. We feel that adding a variety of coursework and higher level courses will better prepare students for med school. 1. Adding nursing courses will allow students to get their feet wet and experience what it will be like in practice. a. Nursing 206 and 207, which are Health Assessment, allows
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Group Speech - 1 Body (Transition: First we will discuss...

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