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Homework 1 - Socrates provides some very convincing points...

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Socrates provides some very convincing points in his first argument in his self- defense. Socrates uses his logic and truthful reasoning to argue that he has not purposely corrupted the youth. The first premise of his argument is that no individual purposely wants to be hurt. Socrates is presenting the truth here because people would like to avoid harm as much as possible and want to feel comfortable in a safe environment. People fear harm and want to avoid danger. Socrates may face harm in his life, but this is not a deliberate act. Socrates faces harm in an effort to pursue good and help better people and the world by spreading truth and truthful criticism to others. The second premise is corrupted people hurt their peers. Although not all wicked people may make a point to harm their associates, wicked or corrupted people are much more likely to do wrong in their lives and do wrong to others. Good people are more likely to perform acts of
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