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In Socrates’ view, he is acting as a free man by staying incarcerated as opposed to escaping. He believes acting in a philosophical way and doing right in all circumstances is pursuing freedom. One must act in a truthful, reasonable manner and must abide by the laws of his or her country to be considered a free citizen. Escaping prison out of fear would be a childish act and Socrates would have to live his life in hiding. This is not Socrates definition of freedom. Escaping would be disobeying his country’s orders and setting a poor example to others, such as his children, by acting as an immature coward. Socrates decides to remain in prison and respect the laws of his country and do the just thing, in his opinion, as an exercise of his freedom. Socrates has a choice between acting just and obeying his punishment or agreement between himself and Athens or acting unjustly and escaping from Athens. Socrates acts justly and believes his death demonstrates that he is a free man rather than fleeing prison. The only reason that was somewhat persuading to me was Crito’s claim that Socrates is
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