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Aristotle provides an accurate definition of humans as rational animals. Human beings function as animals in the sense that they are both living creatures that breathe, eat, sleep, reproduce, and perform other similar functions. However unlike animals, human beings are rational beings that use reason in their judgment. Animals do not have the intellectual capacity or logic that is required to make rational decisions. They are satisfied with very little in life and are not as complicated as humans. Human beings are logical and make right and just decisions according to what they think are right. Aristotle explains that humans pursue happiness as an ultimate goal in life because this is the rational thing to pursue for all individuals. I believe that the aspect of rationality is what uniquely defines
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Unformatted text preview: human nature. Humans have a very thorough and logical decision making process that animals lack and are unique to the human species. Decisions are made based on what one believes to be the best and right decision in their opinion, I agree with Aristotle and believe that the highest good for human beings, including myself, is happiness. Many individuals want wealth, popularity, success, and pleasure in their lives and all of these things result in happiness. Therefore, happiness is the end goal that all rational humans desire. Individuals pursue successful lives and lives of excellence because it will provide them with their ultimate goal of happiness....
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