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Consider the runaway train example discussed in module 7 lecture1 (see slide 5: deontology vs. consequentialism). In a paragraph of roughly one half page, say whether you think it would be the right thing to push the guy with the backpack onto the railroad tracks. Give reasons why, and say whether you agree more with deontology or consequentialism. I believe that it would be the right thing to refrain from pushing the guy with the backpack onto the railroad track. In my opinion, this is an act of murder that is not morally right. The backpack guy is an innocent man who does not deserve to die and it is not his time to move onto the afterlife. It is extremely drastic and devastating for an individual to have to kill someone and live with that for the rest of their life. On the other hand, it seems like a better decision to be a bystander to the accidental death of five
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Unformatted text preview: individuals in a train accident. I know that some people would push the guy onto the railroad tracks in an effort to save five lives at the cost of one. However, I would never be able to perform such an act and don’t believe that murder is a justifiable action. I view the death of the five individuals as fate and an unfortunate accident that is supposed to occur. The previous explanation supports the concept of deontology rather than consequentialism. Individuals should act according to what they know to be right and wrong. In addition, the ethics of an action are based on whether that action is intrinsically just. I believe the consequences of an action should not be used to define that action as good or bad because the exact consequences of an action can’t always be predicted....
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