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Nietzsche’s view on pity and compassion is one topic that particularly interested me in the reading. Nietzsche rejects the morality of pity and compassion because they are unegoistic values. These values deny the flourishing of individuals because we are pursuing the interest of others rather than oneself. He describes these values as a result of herd society and formed customs. There is no pursuit of advancement in a herd society and others must deny themselves for the sake of others in the herd. I disagree with Nietzsche view on compassion and pity. I believe that compassion is pursuing the
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Unformatted text preview: interests of oneself by providing help and happiness to others. It is morally right to care for other humans and provide assistance when others require it. An act of compassion is a moral, righteous act that promotes happiness. In my opinion, an action has moral worth when reason is used to promote prosperity and happiness. Compassionate acts generally promote prosperity and happiness for both the individual giving and receiving compassion. I believe that loving our neighbors as we love ourselves is an important value to spur greatness in people and society....
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