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Discussion 1

Discussion 1 - I believe that war is the consequence of...

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I believe that war is the consequence of learned social behaviors as opposed to human nature. Not all individuals possess an aggressive desire to kill one another. However, the opposite is seen as more true. Most humans are hesitant to actually kill another human and this explains nonfirers in war who refuse to kill others. War is usually seen as a last resort to accomplish something. War is not a part of everyday life for all individuals of the world. Peaceful societies exist and not all humans feel the need to commence war to settle disputes or accomplish other goals. When considering the world as a whole, war is seen as a pretty rare event. Most countries and humans would want to avoid wars as much as possible to avoid the disastrous effects it is capable of causing. The textbook points out that two unarmed individuals would not fight until death. Human intelligence has created weapons that make it possible to kill thousands quickly. This advancement of technology has been a result of competition among countries around the world to be a
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