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Discussion 4

Discussion 4 - I believe that humanitarian intervention is...

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I believe that humanitarian intervention is necessary in certain extreme situations. Disastrous events that have occurred in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, and Myanmar are all in need for humanitarian intervention and assistance. Genocide in Rwanda and murders, rape, and starvation in Yugoslavia are inhumane acts against civilians that should be prevented from occurring. In addition, the refusal and unwillingness to protect civilians, such as in Myanmar, requires outside intervention to provide protection to civilians of this country who are in dire need of help. The idea of popular sovereignty is where a government’s power is given to it by the citizens. Once a nation commits criminal behavior against its own citizens, that nation has gone against the idea of sovereignty. It is the rights of individuals that must be respected over national sovereignty in the event of extreme criminal behaviors. Humanitarian intervention may be necessary in this situation depending on the scale of
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