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Unformatted text preview: 02‐11 lecture According to a Lamarckian view, how did giraffes evolve long necks? (a) They did not evolve long necks; they were created with long necks and have always had them (b) Each generation of giraffes had to stretch their necks higher and higher for food, directly resulting in offspring with slightly longer necks each generation (c) Giraffes with longer necks had more offspring than those with shorter necks for many generations, resulting in the gradual evolution of a long‐necked species (d) A mutation in the major gene determining neck length occurred in the ancestor of all giraffes (e) Giraffes once had even longer necks and evolved somewhat shorter necks through natural selection favoring individuals who could bend down to eat shrubs The idea of the "struggle for existence" was incorporated by Darwin into the theory of natural selection based on the insights of whom? (a) Georges Cuvier (b) Alfred Russell Wallace (c) Thomas Malthus (d) Jean‐Baptiste Lamarck (e) Charles Lyell TRY TO FIGURE THE ANSWERS OUT YOURSELF WITH THE NOTES AND TEXTBOOK AS YOUR GUIDE. IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK YOUR TA’S DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS...
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