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Bio 201 F11 practice questions wk4 - Bio 201 Fall 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 201 Fall 2011 Posted practice questions Week 4 09‐19‐11 lecture Which of the following indicates the correctly written scientific name of our species (a) Homo Sapiens (b) H. Sapiens (c) Homo S. (d) Homo sapiens (e) Homo sapiens If an species belongs to a family with a name ending in, that species is very likely to be (a) terrestrial (living on land) (b) a vertebrate (c) a plant (d) an insect (e) a primate 09‐21‐11 lecture Which of the following is/are not useful in constructing a phylogeny (a) at least one trait that evolved and then disappeared in the set of organisms being considered (b) a set of traits that some but not all of the organisms have (c) a set of traits each of which is known to have only evolved once among the organisms being considered (d) shared, derived characters that some but not all of the taxa possess (e) an outgroup species Which of the following would not be considered a taxon (a) a species (b) a genus (c) a body part (d) a family (e) an order 09‐23‐11 lecture Which of the following is not one of the alternative theories of the origin of macromolecules on Earth? (a) Primordial Soup theory (b) Clay Theory (c) Lipid World theory (d) Quantum Spore theory (e) Exogenesis If the history of Earth is seen as a 30 day calendar, at what point to modern humans appear? (a) on noon of day 20 (b) at dawn on day 28 (c) five minues before midnight on day 29 (d) at dawn on day 30 (e) five minutes before midnight on day 30 TRY TO FIGURE THE ANSWERS OUT YOURSELF WITH THE NOTES AND TEXTBOOK AS YOUR GUIDE. IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK YOUR TA’S DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS ...
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