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6001d3cfeafcc571d11131a4aec8b795 - BIOLOGY 1002 TEST 1 What...

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BIOLOGY 1002 TEST 1 What is the second of the two names in an organism’s scientific name? SPECIES What should biologists do when two similar organisms that were originally thought to be separate species are found to interbreed freely and produce normal offspring whenever they live in the same habitat? Consider both types to be a single species. From a classification viewpoint, how are plants associated with animals? They both belong in the Domain Eukarya. What makes the group called “protists” unique or different? Protists are a diverse collection of eukaryotic organisms but they are not plants, fungi, or animals. Prokaryotic cells are found in the domain(s) Bacteria and Archaea In the five-kingdom system, prokaryotes are placed in the kingdom Monera A human is classified in domain Eukarya and kingdom Animalia A rose bush is classified in domain Eukarya and kingdom Plantae In the five-kingdom system, which kingdom consists primarily of unicellular eukaryotes? Protista In the two-kingdom system, why were fungi classified in the kingdom Plantae? They are sedentary. There is one eukaryotic domains. Biodiversity is defined as the total range of species diversity on Earth. What is the size range of bacteria and archaea? 0.2 to 10 micrometers In terms of abundance, which of the following is Earth’s predominant form of life? Prokaryotes Why do virologists consider viruses to be non-living?
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They are not cells nor or they composed of cells, the basic components of life. Which of the following describes a viral particle? DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat White blood cells that produce antibodies are called__________ Plasma cells What characteristics of the skin make it such a formidable barrier to infectious agents? The outer surface is dry, dead cells filled with tough proteins, such as those in hair and nails. Although diarrhea and vomiting help expel invading pathogenic bacteria, they have an adverse effect. What is it? They deplete the body’s water supply. Macrophages and natural killer cells are both leukocytes and both are considered part of the innate immune response. What is the significant difference between them? Macrophages destroy bacteria; natural killer cells destroy cells that are cancerous or infected with viruses. Which of the following is the definition of an antigen? Antigens are protein, polysaccharide, or glycoprotein molecules that can provoke an immune response. Where are T-cell receptors found? On the surface of T cells Why are mucosal surfaces considered to be inhospitable places for microbial growth? Mucus contains antibacterial proteins. What is the major characteristic of the innate immune response? Innate immune responses are nonspecific. Histamine is a chemical substance responsible for characteristics of the inflammatory
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6001d3cfeafcc571d11131a4aec8b795 - BIOLOGY 1002 TEST 1 What...

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