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Organizational Productivity - brings an excitement to the...

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Organizational Productivity Topic: Variables that affect the productivity of a company. This proposal will examine different characteristics of the employees of a company and their effects on the overall productivity. Our proposal is that there are several different variables that correlate to a company’s overall productivity. Variables of Organizational Productivity: Our proposal is that there are several aspects of the employees that contribute to the organizational productivity of a company. The diversity of a work place will strongly influence productivity as other cultures will have different work ethics. Working with an individual from another culture or background
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Unformatted text preview: brings an excitement to the employees as they are able to experience something new. The excitement of learning about another culture and engaging in work activities with others gives the incentive for employees to enjoy their work. Personality - an outgoing person would be better in a sales position than in a manufacturing position. The willingness of a person to teach others and to learn for themselves. engaging in work. Public image – people want to shop there and buy their product...
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