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The theme of sight, or self-awareness and understanding of others, is ironically juxtaposed with physical blindness. * "Imagine a woman who could never see herself as she was seen in the eyes of her loved one. The notion of otherness is important not simply in categorizing what is 'out there' but otherness turns us back on definitions of the self, when the self does not in itself constitute the starting point. In a sense, defining the point of departure is precisely the problem. It is rather surprising, therefore, that
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Unformatted text preview: theoretical reference is somewhat rare in this volume. This leads to an interesting collection of essays on what many authors have to say about the other in various contexts in seventeenth-century France, but a strong sense of self and other is often wanting. The other sometimes seems to be 'just somebody else', or is hardly mentioned at all. Many essays, however,...
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