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Homework – Chapter 3 1. The following activities are part of a project to be scheduled using CPM: Activity Immediate Predecessor Time (wks) A - 6 B A 3 C A 7 D C 2 E B,D 4 F D 3 G E,F 7 a. Draw the network b. What is the critical path? c. How many weeks will it take to complete the project? d. How much slack does activity B have? 2. For the project with the following information, a. Determine the critical path and the early completion time in weeks.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Reduce the project completion time by three weeks. Assume a linear cost per week shortened, and show, step by step, how you arrived at your schedule. Activity Imm. Pred. Normal time Normal cost Crash time Crash cost A -- 5 7000 3 13000 B A 10 12000 7 18000 C A 8 5000 7 7000 D B 6 4000 5 5000 E C 7 3000 6 6000 F C 4 6000 3 7000 G D,E,F 4 7000 3 9000...
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