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HW_Ch4_s - markets specialization and expertise needed 3...

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Homework Solutions- Chapter 4 1. How does the QFD approach help? What are some limitations of the QFD approach? QFD prioritizes customer demands and customer needs and translates these needs into actions and designs such as technical characteristics and specifications in order to maximize customer satisfaction. The three main limitations are: Data need to be very accurate Customer expectations need to be aligned with the technical capabilities Customers expectations change rapidly 2 . For each of the organizational structures (project, functional, matrix), name one product/project for which that structure would be appropriate and justify based on the pros and cons we discussed in class. A possible answer: Project Based for: Rollerblade In-Line Skate (innovative product) Matrix for: VW New Beetle Automobile, Boeing 777 Airplane (integration and reduced time to market) Functional for: HP DeskJet Printer, Stanley Tools Jobmaster Screwdriver (rather mature
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Unformatted text preview: markets, specialization and expertise needed) 3 Concurrent engineering is a business strategy which replaces the traditional product development phases with one (or at least fewer) in which tasks are done in parallel and there is an early consideration for every aspect of a product's development process. Name a few pros and cons of this approach based on the examples we discussed in class. Pros • reduced time to market • adapt faster to changing environments • more of a ‘‘rugby team’’ (a cross functional team on the project performing activities in parallel). Cons • requires extensive collaboration for individuals, groups, departments, and separate organizations within the firm • continuous improvement and refinement is challenging for complex projects • requires project leaders that have an overall vision of the project and goals • requires a detailed plan early in the process....
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