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HW_TN4 - units(Hint There are two learning curves-one for...

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Homework - Technical Note 4 1. A time standard was set as 0.20 hour per unit based on the 50 th unit produced. If the task has 90 percent learning curve, what would be the expected time of the 100 th , 200 th , and 400 th units? 2. Johnson Industries received a contract to develop and produce four high-intensity long- distance receiver-transmitters for cellular telephones. The first took 2,000 labor hours and $39,000 worth of purchased and manufactured parts; the second took 1,500 labor hours and $37,050 in parts. What should Johnson estimate time and parts cost to be for the four
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Unformatted text preview: units? (Hint: There are two learning curves-one for labor and one for parts.) 3. You’ve just completed a pilot run of 10 units of a major product and found the processing time for each unit was as follows: Unit Number Time (hours) 1 970 2 640 3 420 4 380 5 320 6 250 7 220 8 207 9 190 10 190 a. According to the pilot run, what would you estimate the learning rate to be? b. How much time would it take to make the 1,000th unit?...
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