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Mgt 3501 Fall 2006 syllabus

Mgt 3501 Fall 2006 syllabus - 1 MGT 3501 OPERATIONS...

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MGT 3501 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Spring 2006 Professor Beril Toktay [email protected] Office: COM 446 404-385-0104 Office Hours: Thursday 3pm – 4pm or by appointment TA: Nektarios Oraiopoulos [email protected] Office: COM 462C 404-385-4887 Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30am – 11:30am Course Description Operations management (OM) is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s primary products and services. Understanding the role of the operations function and its impact on the competitiveness of the firm is an important part of any manager's training. Operational issues include designing, acquiring, operating, and maintaining facilities and processes; purchasing raw materials; controlling and maintaining inventories; and providing the proper labor needed to produce a good or service so that customer expectations are met. This course in operations management is intended to be a survey of operating practices and models in both manufacturing and service oriented firms. It is intended to provide managers in all functional areas with sufficient knowledge to make informed, "total business decisions" and to introduce standard terms and concepts for communications with operating personnel. In such a course, it should be recognized that breadth of subject matter, not depth of topic, is our goal. Course Objectives: Build an understanding of how Operations Management fits into the organization. Provide a knowledge base for conversing with operations personnel. Build both quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, especially those needed for managing important business tradeoffs. Provide common sense modeling concepts, which can be used to help managers evaluate various problems that arise in practice. 1
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Introduce real-world applications and their connection with Operations Management. Understand and appreciate the role of uncertainty in an organization. Course Text: Operations Management for Competitive Advantage , 11th Edition, by Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilano, 2005, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Any USED previous edition is fine too, but the chapter numbers will be different, so you’ll need to keep track of that.
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