MGT 3501 Teams

MGT 3501 Teams - Troy Gerstenberger gtg661p Andrew...

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Group 1 Jeffrey Burns gtg899p Denorris Johnson gtg264r Charisse Miller gtg845p John Story gtg571r Group 2 Vandana Aggarwal gtg508x Salma Habib gtg564y Wayne Riles gtg655z Chris Wasserman gtg582k Group 3: “Peanutbutter Jelly Time” Bradford Ingram gth342a Vamsikrishna Mudrageda gte181u Joseph Tamul gtg275i Adam Katz gtg453g David Schutte gtg786r Group 4 Jaclyn Nussrallah gtg348h Parin Patel gth626k Casey Swails gtg107h William Sayers Gtg649r Group 5 Melissa Boswell gtg281q Anthony Fruscione gtg430g Thomas Kimsey gtg272h Myron Usher gtg738r Group 6 Zachary Hutchings gtg167s Christina Sedor gtg291h Benjamin Teague gtg793r Tyler Ward gtg889q Group 7 Ashley Escoe gtg631r Rachael Karr gtg929q Erica Thorn gtg281m Joy Trussell gtg850y Matthew Mays Gtg139m
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Group 8: “Team Awesome” Adam Caskey gtg360z John Fountain gtg253h
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Unformatted text preview: Troy Gerstenberger gtg661p Andrew Goetschalckx gtg858y Joshua Smith gtg170q Group 9: “Keeping the Ratio Strong” Kathryn Griffin Gtg304r William Lane Gtg290a Brian Lord Gtg764y Chad Teat Gtg678h Jessica Thompson Gte050v Group 10 So Kwon Gtg145q George Yim Gtg673h Young Pak Gth636z Susie Rha Gtg683e Robert Rodden Gtg226x Group 11 Conrad Aach Gtg305n Ryan Bishop Gtg624p Grayson Cason Gtg098g Andrew Kaplan Gte320n Group 12 Daniel Lynch Gtg323x Michael McDonald Gte760v Caroline Hanley Gtg644h Cochran Scott Gtg782h Group 13 Joshua Rosenfield Gtg249i Anna Wilson Gtg897q Daniel Borla gtg945f Timothy Cambre gtg625h...
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This note was uploaded on 09/29/2011 for the course MGT 3501 taught by Professor Chang during the Fall '10 term at Georgia Tech.

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MGT 3501 Teams - Troy Gerstenberger gtg661p Andrew...

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