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Some important information! The midterm is on Tuesday the 21st. A reminder of my exam policy: Makeup exams will not be given . Students missing a scheduled exam due to an official Georgia Institute of Technology event must prearrange an alternate time to take the Exam. Other excused absences (for health reasons, etc.) must be documented, and the grade missed will be the average of the other exam scores. All other cases will receive a grade of zero for the missed exam. I have office hours Thursday 3-5, Raul will have special office hours Monday 10-12. He will be unable to do his regular office hours Tuesday 11-12, so I will sub for him, but from 9 – 10:30am. Tomorrow (Thursday) is a review session. I will solve the questions in the sample exams that I just posted on the web site. I will not post solutions on the web. When you go through the sample exams, you should know that: -- This year, I DID NOT cover the material that you would need to answer Questions 2,6 and 12 in Sample Midterm 1, so don’t worry about those. -- This year, I covered Queuing earlier, so Questions 1, 2 and 3 of Sample Midterm 2 are
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