potty parity - 'Potty parity' aims to remedy long lines |...

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from the January 19, 2006 edition - http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0119/p16s01-lihc.html 'Potty parity' aims to remedy long lines More states and cities are passing laws requiring higher ratios of women's to men's toilets in new construction projects. By Matt Bradley | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor The battleground for women's rights is expanding from the boardroom to the bathroom, and a serious legislative initiative nicknamed "potty parity" is giving new meaning to the term "separate but equal." The new push, which is quietly making its way into construction standards around the world, says restrooms should provide two to three times as many "outlets" for women as for men. In that sense, "potty parity" bills offer women more than parity: It may finally trim the long lines for women's rooms at theaters, stadiums, and highway rest stops. "It's a good thing," says Kari Roberts of Reading, Mass., a shopper at the Prudential Center Mall in Boston. She says the wait time for restrooms "needs to be the same" for both men and women. "There's always this conversation, this conspiracy" among women waiting in line for the bathroom, she says. "Women are always asking: 'Is there anyone in the men's room? Can we go in there and take it over?'" When it came to restrooms, architects (and lawyers) used to think in terms of square footage rather than number of outlets - or physiology. But studies show that because
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potty parity - 'Potty parity' aims to remedy long lines |...

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