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Problem Set 7 - AAa Bb was crossed to a diploid plant of...

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Genetics 380 : Spring 2011 Problem Set # 7 (Due the week of 3/7) Ch. 8 . 1. Since the pairing of inversion heterozygotes was not covered till the lecture of Tuesday 3/1, it is recommended that students repeat Question # 4 of Problem Set # 6. 2. Diagram the pairing behavior at meiosis prophase I of a translocation heterozygote that has normal chromosomes of the gene order abcdefghij and mnopqrstuv and translocated chromosomes with the gene order abcdefgtuv and mnopqrshij . Assume that centromere is at the left-end of all chromosomes. 3. A trisomic plant of the genotype (
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Unformatted text preview: AAa Bb ) was crossed to a diploid plant of the genotype( Aa Bb ). Genes A and B are on different chromosomes. Calculate the probability of getting the progeny with the following genotypes. (a) AABB (b) AaBb (c) aaBb 4. Tetraploid plants are crossed as shown below. Determine the ratio of A : a phenotypes. In all cases a single dominant allele (A) is sufficient to give the dominant phenotype no matter how many recessive alleles (a) are present. (a) AAaa x aaaa (b) Aaaa x aaaa (c) AAaa x AAaa (d) Aaaa x Aaaa...
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