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Problem Set 11 Answers

Problem Set 11 Answers - Genetics 380 Spring 2011 Problem...

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Genetics 380 : Spring 2011 Problem Set 11 Answers 1. Suppose that you changed the two UGG (Trp) codons in the leader mRNA sequence of the Trp operon to 2 AUG (Met) codons. What effect will such a change have on the attenuation of the Trp operon? Now, the attenuation will be responsive to methionine levels in the cell (rather than to tryptophan levels). Repression of the trp operon will still be controlled by tryptophan concentration. Four conditions can be imagined - Repression Attenuation Low methionine, low tryptophan No No High methionine, low tryptophan No Yes Low methionine, High tryptophan Yes No High methionine, high tryptophan Yes Yes 2 . (a) The mutant gene should bind more of the transcription activator protein or bind it more efficiently. Therefore, the mutant gene should be induced with lower levels of the transcription activator protein or expressed at higher levels (makes more of the gene product) than the wild-type gene, or both. (b) An inversion not only inverts the sequence, but because the DNA strands in a duplex are antiparallel, also exchanges the strands. The inversion of a promoter sequence would have a profound
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