Exam 2A_2010 - Genetics 380 : Spring 2010 Examination #2A...

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Genetics 380 : Spring 2010 Name (print) ________________________ Examination #2A ID # ____________________ March 30, 2010 Section _______________________ 1 . ( 15 points ) The following statements are either True or False . Use a T or F on the lines below. a. The tertiary structure of a protein refers to the way in which the polypeptide subunits of a multi-subunit protein fit together. b. Melting temperature (Tm) of double-stranded DNA is directly related to GC% of DNA (higher the GC%, higher the Tm). c. Base substitution mutants can revert to the true wild type, but deletion mutants cannot. d. Chemicals that are carcinogens, very often are mutagens also. e. DNA bases are capable of undergoing "amino <--> imino" and "keto <--> enol" tautomerism. However, none of the bases can do both. They all undergo one or the other kind of tautomerism. f. A complementation test is a genetic test designed to determine if two mutants in the same gene are located at the same exact base pair or not. g F'-factor is the name given to a bacterial sex-factor when it is integrated into the chromosome resulting in an Hfr strain. h. Some bacteriophages (such as Lambda) are capable of having 2 different life styles- a destructive one called "lytic" and a benign one called "lysogenic". i. Microbial mutants unable to grow on a minimal medium (which can support the wild type strain) are called "auxotrophs" j. Long arm of a chromosome is called “p” and the short arm “q”. k.
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Exam 2A_2010 - Genetics 380 : Spring 2010 Examination #2A...

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