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Exam 2A_Answers - Genetics 380 Spring 2010 ANSWER KEY...

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ANSWER KEY Examination #2A March 30, 2010 1 . ( 15 points ) The following statements are either True or False . Use a T or F on the lines below. F a. The tertiary structure of a protein refers to the way in which the polypeptide subunits of a multi-subunit protein fit together. ___T__ b. Melting temperature (Tm) of double-stranded DNA is directly related to GC% of DNA (higher the GC%, higher the Tm). ___T__ c. Base substitution mutants can revert to the true wild type, but deletion mutants cannot. ___T__ d. Chemicals that are carcinogens, very often are mutagens also. ___F__ e. DNA bases are capable of undergoing "amino <--> imino" and "keto <--> enol" tautomerism. However, none of the bases can do both. They all undergo one or the other kind of tautomerism. ___F__ f. A complementation test is a genetic test designed to determine if two mutants in the same gene are located at the same exact base pair or not. ___F__ g F ' -factor is the name given to a bacterial sex-factor when it is integrated into the chromosome resulting in an Hfr strain. ___T__ h. Some bacteriophages (such as Lambda) are capable of having 2 different life styles- a destructive one called "lytic" and a benign one called "lysogenic". ___T__ i. Microbial mutants unable to grow on a minimal medium (which can support the wild type strain) are called "auxotrophs" ___F__ j. Long arm of a chromosome is called “p” and the short arm “q”. ___T__ k. Mutations resulting in telomere DNA sequence changes do not map in the telomere DNA. ___F__ l. Removal of an intron is done by spliceosomes after the pre-mRNA has been transferred out of the nucleus to the cytoplasm. ___F__ m. Accuracy of protein synthesis is primarily determined by the recognition of the correct tRNA molecules by the amino acids. ___T__ n. Trisomics have one extra chromosome whereas monosomics have one too few chromosome. ___F__
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Exam 2A_Answers - Genetics 380 Spring 2010 ANSWER KEY...

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