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Exam 3A 2009 Answers - Genetics 380 :Spring 2009 Exam #3A...

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Genetics 380 :Spring 2009 Exam #3A ANSWERS 1. (16 pts) A circular DNA molecule carries the β -gal gene. You perform single and double digests with the indicated restriction enzymes, and you run the DNA out on two agarose gels. You stain one of the gels with ethidium bromide so that you can see all of the DNA bands (panel on the left). You transfer the DNA out of the other gel onto a filter and perform a Southern blot using sequences for the β -gal gene as your hybridization probe (the resulting autoradiogram is the panel on the right). The sizes, in kilobases, are indicated for each band. a. (4 pts) For each restriction enzyme, indicate how many sites there are on the circular DNA molecule. EcoRI ____ 2 ______ PstI _____ 3 ______ b. (12 pts) Using all of the information from both the ethidium-stained gel and the Southern blot, draw a map of the circular DNA. Indicate the position of the EcoRI and PstI sites on the circle below. Indicate the distances between the sites in kilobases (kb). Use a box to indicate the position of the β -gal gene. Use the additional space and the back of this sheet for scratch work if needed.
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2. (16 pts) The hypothetical Grape Fruit Urine Disease ( GFUD ) causes affected to individuals to have pink colored urine, but is otherwise harmless. GFUD is mapped to chromosome 22, where there are 5 different RFLPs (named a-e ), each with 3 different alleles (named 1-3 ). The RFLPs are arranged on the chromosome as follows: Below is a pedigree of a family affected by GFUD . Affected individuals are indicated by the black squares and circles. All 6 individuals give tissue samples. DNA is extracted, cut with restriction enzymes for the different RFLPs, and Southern blotted to detect the different RFLP alleles for each RFLP. The following RFLP allelic data is obtained for each individual (the lines indicate the two different homologs for chromosome 22 with their corresponding RFLPs): a. (4 pts) Is GFUD in this family inherited as a sex-linked, autosomal recessive, or autosomal dominant trait? Autosomal Dominant a. (4 pts) Did any of the progeny inherit a recombinant chromosome? If so, then which ones (numbers 3, 4, 5, and/or 6)? 3, 4, 5
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Exam 3A 2009 Answers - Genetics 380 :Spring 2009 Exam #3A...

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