Lecture IV - 8 Human ABO blood groups 9 Epistatic...

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n 1. A human pedigree showing segregation of SSRP alleles a. Codominance of alleles is seen 2. Probability calculations a. Multiplication rule – 2 independent events occurring at the same time i. Multiply individual event probabilities ii. Head and head .5 x .5 b. Addiction rule i. Probability of one or the other of two mutually exclusive events occurring is the sum of individual probabilities 1. .25+.25 = .5 3. what’s the probability that a family with 4 somes will have 4 sons a. = .5 * .5* .5* .5 = 1/16 4. whats the probability that there will be 3 sons and 1 daughter? a. S,s,s,d b. S,s,d,s c. S,d,s,s d. D,s,s,s i. All above is 1/16 e. Probability of 3 son and 1 daughter = 4/16 5. Probability of 2 sons and 2 daughters a. 6(1/16) b. each of these orders is 1/16 6. Family with 10 children will have 4 sons? a. [(M+N)!/M!N!]p m q n b. 4 son and 6 daughters c. [(4+6)!/ (4!6! )](.5)^4(.5)^6 = 1/5 7. Incomplete dominance a. Yields 1/2/1 ratio in the F2
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Human ABO blood groups 9. Epistatic interaction between 2 genes gives a 9:7 ratio in the F2 a. When 2 genes affect same trait 10.Whys the 9:7 turn to be the case? a. AAbb x aaBB b. AaBb c. 9 A_B_ ;3 A_bb ; 3 aaB_ ; 1 aabb i. you need both the cap A and B to make color, if either is missing you get white ii. 9 is color the rest are white 11.Genetic complementation a. PRACTICE the understanding of the concept b. Rarely does 2 genes rescue each other if they are on the same gene Chapter 4 – chromosomes and Sex-Chromosome Inheritance 1. Chromosome numbers vary a lot 2. 4 stages of the cell cycle a. Chromosomes only in Mphase 3. Meiosis produces haploid daughter cells 4. The stages of meiosis a. 2 successive cell divisions occur resulting in 4 daughter cells b. chromosome number halves in first division...
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Lecture IV - 8 Human ABO blood groups 9 Epistatic...

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