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lecture 7_structure functionMacroMol

lecture 7_structure functionMacroMol -...

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1 I pledge to strive for academic excellence, adhere to the standards of academic integrity, and act in a principled manner in ll h d all that I do. This was your pledge when joining UMassD Lipids = fats Formed from C, H and O fats , phospholipids , steroids , lipoproteins , some vitamins (lipo soluble) 18-25% of body weight Hydrophobic mostly C-H non-polar bonds (little O 2 ) insoluble in polar solvents like water Combine with proteins Æ lipoproteins Triglycerides Neutral fats Æ single glycerol molecule and 3 fatty acids three-carbon glycerol molecule is the backbone Highly energetic molecules 9 calories/gram compared to 4 for proteins or carbohydrates animals store triglycerides in fat cells if they eat extra food ( why? ) Triglycerides One glycerol molecule PLUS fatty acids Fatty acids attached by dehydration synthesis Saturation of Triglycerides Determined by the number of single or double covalent bonds Saturated fats contain single bonds Æ
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